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Future Cruise Credit with Disney Demystified


When Disney Cruise Lines canceled your cruise and gave you a future cruise credit to redeem, you may have been left confused. You are not alone! While you may not be ready to cruise just yet, there is no better time to start planning and perhaps book that future cruise.

For all cruises canceled between March 14 and August 5th, Disney sent out emails giving you the choice of a refund or future cruise credit (FCC). Once you opted to take the 125% future cruise credit instead of canceling your trip entirely, Disney should have sent another email with “instructions” on how to redeem it. Be patient with receiving your email as they do have many to send out.

However, there wasn’t much “instruction” in that email from Disney Cruise Lines so here you go:

How is the FCC calculated? Disney calculates the FCC from the base cruise fare – not including taxes, port fees, or any additional components.

What happens to the taxes and port fees or prepaid gratuities? Will I receive those as FCC? No, Disney will refund these to your form of payment.

What about other things like transfers, vacation protection plan, or onboard gifts? Disney will refund these to your form of payment. If you wish to add any of these to your next cruise, they need to be paid for again. (In some cases, the vacation protection plan is being included in the FCC, refer to your email from DCL or your travel agent)

Does the cruise I book with my FCC have to include all members of my original cruise? Can we have more, less, or different guests? Yes, you can change guests! Just one guest from the original reservation must remain on the future reservation.

Can I use the FCC on discounted rates, like IGT/OGT/VGT, or Florida resident, or Military rates? Yes, you absolutely can!

What if the new cruise I book is less than the previous one? Disney will place any overage as an On Board Credit for your new cruise.

What if my new cruise is more than I paid for the previous one? Disney applies the FCC to your cruise fare. You will need to pay the balance, adhering to payment deadlines for the new cruise.

My original cruise was an onboard booking – will I still get my onboard booking discount on the new cruise? Yes, you will be able to get your discount! The new cruise will be at the current prevailing rate, before any onboard discount is calculated.

There you have it. Now all you have to do is decide on a sailing and start your countdown again! If you didn’t previously work with a travel advisor but would like to for your new cruise, please get in touch! In most cases, a travel advisor can take over the cruise 30 days from when booked and before the final payment is made.

Not sure why it’s a good idea to have a travel advisor handle your arrangements? Try calling the Disney Cruise Lines phone number most days. That alone makes it worth it! But travel advisors do much more than making phone calls on your behalf. Reach out to us for more information or if you have any lingering questions about your future cruise credit. Just email and we’ll be happy to help you!

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