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How to Pick Your Destination Wedding Location

Destination Weddings

To walk down the aisle at a picturesque vacation destination is many brides’ dream. It is a magical moment to be surrounded by your family and friends witnessing you marry the person that you love the most in a far-away paradise. Or perhaps, your dream is for you and your special someone to marry alone on a romantic island, just the two of you.

One question that we hear quite often from those hoping for a destination wedding is:

“How do I choose the perfect destination wedding location?”

If you’ve been wondering the same thing, here are some suggestions to help you in your search:

Hire a Travel Advisor

Booking with a Travel Advisor will make your life easier. You will get access to their extensive knowledge and experience on the best destinations that will make your wedding memorable. Travel Agents can also help you save money and time. They can negotiate with venues to get affordable group rates and arrange for the travel needs of your guests.

Instead of you trying to coordinate travel for all of your friends and family, they will be your point person.

Additionally, should anything need to be changed, canceled or something goes wrong, they are your advocate, saving you time and stress on your big day!

Determine Your Budget

By being upfront and realistic about your budget, you are able to narrow down your location options quickly. Before you hire a Travel Advisor, you should know how much you are willing to spend for a destination wedding to lay out the best locations and venues that will fit your budget. Think about everything from transporation to activities that you will be responsible for paying for during your destination wedding.

Knowing your budget will also help your guests to have an idea of their expenses in attending your destination wedding.

Identify Your Guests

Many venues offer adults-only services and experiences, and some don’t even allow children under a certain age. That is why you need to identify who you want to attend your wedding.

If you don’t want to exclude children, you can choose venues that offer both family-friendly and adults-only areas.

In addition, if you have older relatives with mobility issues you would like to attend, you’ll want to make sure the location is well suited to them as well. Resorts outside the United States do not have to be ADA compliant, though many offer accessible rooms and are fully accessible.

Research the Weather

Even before consulting a Travel Agent, you might already have a dream location on your mind. However, you may want to be mindful of the seasonal weather of that location. You don’t want anything to ruin your special day, so before deciding on a location, do your homework. Who wants to arrive at their dream wedding destination only to find out it will rain for the next month?

The Location Should Represent You

Another useful tip in choosing a location is to find one that represents you and your partner. You should consider your personalities and the kind of experience that you want to share with your guests. A good Travel Advisor will help you find the vibe that you are looking for.

It’s also sweet to have a backstory on why you chose that location for your destination wedding.

This is something you can even incorporate into your invitations and ceremony!

Starting with these basics will help you choose your destination wedding location. If you want to talk to other brides to be and get advice on your upcoming destination wedding, join our Facebook Group for Honeymoon Planning and Romance Travel. Then, when you are ready to start planning and booking your perfect destination wedding, call us!

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