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Walt Disney World: Why Use a Travel Agent

Walt Disney World

When you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, you may quickly become overwhelmed. There is a lot to wade through. And right now, things are constantly changing due to Covid-19. So it is more important than ever to use a Travel Advisor when planning your trip to Walt Disney World and really, anywhere!

Here are the top 5 reasons to use a Travel Agent when planning a trip to Walt Disney World:

  1. Save money!
    Did you know that Disney releases new discounts throughout the year. If a discount becomes available during your dates, your travel planner will know and can automatically apply it to save you money!
  2. Save your sanity!
    Planning a trip to Walt Disney World involves 4 parks plus 2 waterparks, more than 25 resorts on property, transportation, dining, park reservations and so much more! You can spend hours upon hours researching your options, or you can let a travel planner share their expertise.
  3. Save time!
    A good travel planner will do as much or as little of the nitty-gritty like making dining reservations as you want them to do. They can also share tips and tricks that save you time while at Walt Disney World. You just pack your suitcase!
  4. Save energy!
    The right travel planner will be versed in all things Disney. They usually travel to one or more Disney destinations often and keep updated on the latest news on resorts, attractions, destinations, and more. You can rely on their recommendations because they live and breathe Disney!
  5. Save the day!
    If you run into an issue with your stay (which happens very infrequently) or you become ill while on vacation, your travel planner can advocate for you in just about any situation.

Having the expertise of a Travel Advisor behind you makes your trip to Walt Disney World easier and more enjoyable. If you are planning a trip and would like a free consultation, please fill out our travel inquiry form or send an email to We will match you with the right advisor.