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3 Incredible Costa Rica Road Trip Ideas

For families traveling with older children and teens, Costa Rica makes a magnificent destination. Travelers love the beauty of the small Central American country, and animal lovers are in heaven here. While visiting, you must go on a Costa Rica road trip. This is one of the best ways to see many sights in oneContinue reading “3 Incredible Costa Rica Road Trip Ideas”

Ten Tips for Traveling with Teens

Traveling with teenagers might seem easier compared to traveling with kids or toddlers. Teenagers can take care of themselves and can be independent during trips. Teens are naturally curious and have their own preferences when it comes to traveling and destinations. However, going on a trip with teens also can create stress for mom andContinue reading “Ten Tips for Traveling with Teens”

Tips for Your Family Vacation to the Grand Canyon

Plan Your Vacation Dates The key to experiencing all that the Grand Canyon can offer to your family is to plan your vacation dates carefully. While there is no wrong time to visit the Grand Canyon, there are times when your visit can be limiting because of the weather. During the winter, the weather conditionsContinue reading “Tips for Your Family Vacation to the Grand Canyon”

5 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

When you are in the midst of planning your next favorite vacation, you aren’t necessarily thinking about all the “what if” scenarios. But travel insurance, sometimes referred to as travel protection, is your best defense against any unforeseen situations. Whether it be your own illness, the death of a loved one or lost luggage, travelContinue reading “5 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance”

The Best Places to Visit in Morocco

It can be hard to narrow down the best places to visit in Morocco because it offers so much. From its peaceful beaches, seaside towns, arid landscapes and bustling town squares, Morocco is a travel destination that will take your breath away. The diverse selection of activities and destinations that Morocco offers makes it perfectContinue reading “The Best Places to Visit in Morocco”

Jamaica: More than Beaches

I traveled to Jamaica on my honeymoon and had a fantastic time. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort and found that to be perfect for us because we could eat and drink whenever and whatever we wanted, plus we were able to snorkel and scuba dive, and it was all included. I remember the crystalContinue reading “Jamaica: More than Beaches”

Florida’s Gulf Coast: 5 Reasons to Visit

The beauty of Florida’s Gulf Coast is no secret to residents and travelers. Along the stretch of Florida’s coastline are communities that offer tons of activities for families who want the perfect beach getaway. If you want to treat your family to a vacation where they can completely relax and have fun, you will neverContinue reading “Florida’s Gulf Coast: 5 Reasons to Visit”

How to Pick Your Destination Wedding Location

To walk down the aisle at a picturesque vacation destination is many brides’ dream. It is a magical moment to be surrounded by your family and friends witnessing you marry the person that you love the most in a far-away paradise. Or perhaps, your dream is for you and your special someone to marry aloneContinue reading “How to Pick Your Destination Wedding Location”

Orlando, FL: More than Theme Parks

What comes to mind when someone mentions Orlando, Florida, is the theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland, SeaWorld, and Discovery Cove. These amusement parks are so popular that they attract millions of visitors every year. Adults and kids alike look forward to the thrilling experiences that these theme parks provide. Do youContinue reading “Orlando, FL: More than Theme Parks”

Step by Step Disney Park Pass Reservation Guide

With the unveiling today of the new Walt Disney World Park Pass Reservation System, many people flooded the Walt Disney site to try to snag their reservations at 7 am EST.  Unfortunately, that overloaded the system but it seems to have recovered (for the most part). To make it easier for you when it is yourContinue reading “Step by Step Disney Park Pass Reservation Guide”